The importance of wearing a mask

Work shenanigans


Frase della settimana. I’m starting something new, an Italian phrase of the week. This week’s…

Non sono affari di tuoi.

None of your business.

Something we’ve been told we’re allowed to say when our teacher asks us a million questions about our lives.

Legitimate Human Being

All-Bran + chopped dates = surprisingly good.

I don’t know what’s in New Zealand milk but it gives everything a hint of toffee. (Maybe I’m just having a lengthy stroke.)

Side note, I’m a legitimate human being again: new phone number, new bank account, new temporary job. Now all I need is a house, a garden and a cat. Maybe a chef. And a bartender. And an orchard. And the house needs to be on a cold, but sunny, cliff by the sea with a rough path leading you through shoulder-high plants towards a desolate and temperamental beach. Where is that?