Let your Children Watch Anime

I am forever in admiration of Miyazaki’s team of creators. The beauty they extract from every scenario is simply overwhelming.






Forgetting about beauty for a moment though..

Beyond its bizarre characters, outlandish outfits, and surreal scenarios, anime has the genuine capacity to grant children a vivid notion of inner strength and worth. Through the duration of any series, the protagonists often face various moments of clarity in which they learn of greater depths existing within themselves.

The characters are constantly building on their physical abilities, spiritual abilities and, often times, even their weapons’ abilities. This growth mirrors the personal development that any (real) person should go through during stages of significant change in their lives, namely childhood and young adult-hood.

This tendency doesn’t only exist in the more creative shows, it runs rampant through the majority of anime out there.

So, the next time you think it’s a violent waste of time for your child to watch anime, be glad they’re watching something that might make them consider what inner strength they themselves may possess. And really.. just be glad they aren’t watching something as soulless as SpongeBob Squarepants.



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