Dessert that tastes as odd as it looks. With coconut milk, simple syrup, ginger and sesame seeds, it has good flavours. However, it also has terrible squishy textures, from what I assume is rice mashed into a paste. Plus, the large ball that you can see in this photo had a bean paste inside that still had chunks of whole beans mixed in. Blurgh.



Coffee delivered to the office; sublime – the service, not the taste, this shop’s coffee was just too buttery. But I’m in love with what I’m sure is a 6000 calorie iced Vietnamese coffee – strong coffee topped with condensed milk and tons of ice cubes. Dessert and coffee and refresher all in one go.



Dinner at a small side-of-the-road barbecue with lots of lovely sauces, condiments, vegetables, chicken. Slightly confused when my colleagues’ bones were disappearing. “Where are you putting your bones?” “On the ground. Don’t you know this? It’s not like you’ve only been here for 3 days.” Ha, should’ve guessed.


Later that evening we went to Tram Chim, a bar/restaurant where the girls are all tall and ..well-endowed; they stand by your table, lapping up your chat and doting on your every whim.

I was the only girl there. Got a few dirty looks and a wee nudge every now and then. But very intriguing concept; I’m not sure what the males get from the arrangement.. besides the joy of flirting perhaps.



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