Travel agencies

So, essentially, never EVER use the “Viet Nhat” travel agency in Phan Thiet.

We’ve been charged $55USD (1,100,000VND) EACH for a sleeper train from Phan Thiet to Danang. Okay, fine, they’ve clearly made a profit. However, we get to the station and find out the tickets only cost them $15USD (300,000vnd) AND instead of a sleeper cabin, they’ve bought the hard wooden slatted seats in, what an elitist colonialist might call, the peasant coach.

Now, I’m not an “elitist colonialist”, but when I’ve paid almost 4 times the price the agency paid, I expect to at least have a cabin to sleep in.

In the end, we made a 300,000vnd (15$) deal with a train worker to sleep in (what I assume is) his sleeping quarters.

I use the term “quarters” very loosely. It’s essentially a linen closet with a piece of wood covered in a straw yoga mat.

Upside, we got to spend some time watching the Vietnamese, sleeping on the floors, kids running about, mats and food and papers strewn everywhere.

Also got to enjoy a man continuously asking to buy a sip of our beer. (I suppose it doesn’t help that we’d previously been wandering the train with a bottle of rum in hand..)

Looking forward to never using a travel agency in a hippie beach bum town again.



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