Grade A Goodness

Overall, ridiculously good evening.

  • Payed extra for work I forgot I’d done months ago.
  • Lift into town from a colleague that I always want to hug.
  • Intriguing and lovely messages from friends who could become incredibly close.
  • A meeting (over half-priced wine) filled with ridiculous potential regarding work surrounding information campaigns about children in vulnerable situations.
  • Hilarious dinner conversations and delicious pasta, ending with the waiter having to choose whom to give the last flowered bracelet in the restaurant – and not blinking an eye when he circled the table to pass it to me. Oo la.
  • Xe om home with a driver who lost his slipper in the middle of the road and had to drive back to get it. Ha.

Serata brillante. Grazie Saigon. Ciao Bella.



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