Seen in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Very hipster-chic, petite VN girl sits in the not-so-comfy brown vinyl chairs. Shortly followed by a similarly hipster-chic, petite VN guy.

He brings their whipped cream caramel ice blended cappuccino frappe god knows what drinks. They proceed to play with their smart phones, not a word exchanged.

I think, “Hm, kids now a days, out together and what’re they doing, stuck on their phones, not even interacting. What’s the point?”

But wait.

Wait wait wait.

They suddenly start taking selfies. SELFIES!

They’re not even doing a couple selfie – they’re sat right next to each other taking solo selfies. Preening, multiple angles, clothing carefully modelled, hair in different places, various pouty faces. Selfies.

Oh my word. This generation.


..andddd he’s resumed his self-photoshoot. He’s worse than the girl is. I can’t even say that’s surprising given the body image expectations of males today.


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