If You’re Happy

Love this. The Vietnamese version of «Happy»

Where do I find these random street performances in real life? Plus a well-edited vid always makes things better. (Apparently the beginning of the video is referencing some other VN video where a girl basically undresses as she walks down the street..)

Sidenote, went to an introductory swing dancing class with Jacklyn and Karen last night. Crazy awkward, but also kind of fun. So maybe we’ll join a 5 week class.. erm. Maybe. Anything to add to our attempt to get fit before climbing Fansipan. Oi.


3 thoughts on “If You’re Happy

    • True, but I get the feeling they’re saying the kind of vids like that VN one with girl undressing can.. pretty much suck it. New kids on the block! Aheh.



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