Hung King’s Day

Day out on our day off.

What I learned: we have no threshold for noisy, crowded, pushy places. And yet, we live in Vietnam.

Began so productively: homemade(ish) bacon and eggs, trip to the store for salt/pepper and a slight detour for fresh squeezed orange juice from the lady down the street.

After that burst however, we didn’t even manage to leave the house until 3:30.

Bowling? Sure. 2 minutes in: ugh, this is loud and crowded and too colourful.

Ben Thanh market? Maybe we can buy sandals and singlets! Yea! 4 minutes in: right, too many people, shall we head?

Bui Vien? Let’s sort out visas and maybe buy singlets. 10min in: Hm, drinks? Drinks.

From then on, better: 12VND beer, and a lovely view. Novotel Happy hour and tipsy McDonalds. Ha.


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