Today I have

Broken a machine at the gym while trying to get back to 60kg. Does not bode well.


Bought some new plants and desperately tried to revive my lovely green grocery store purchase that has been withering for the past two days. It hasn’t perked up yet – even with a much larger pot, new soil, water and indirect sunlight all day. May be at the point of no return. On the upside, the woman I visited today is selling large blooming orchids for 50K VND.. i.e., about $2.50CAD!


Saw what must be a 12 year old boy singing about a broken relationship. Song title: “Unfriend” ….*deep eye roll*. On the upside that pushed me out of the apartment for a $5 pedicure at the mall next door.

20140716-212825-77305760.jpg  20140716-212823-77303314.jpg

Attempted a chocolate rum cake. Turned out lovely in the end. But with a cup of butter gone, at 90K VND per bar, can’t be so frivolous with it too often. Probably a good thing or more gym equipment will start magically falling apart.


And had a most inspiring dinner of canned corn. Rock and roll.



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