VN vs CA

Pop-up ads

  • It has just dawned on me that back in Canada about 80%* of the pop-ups advertise porn, dating sites, porn, penis enlargements and porn.
  • Here, in Vietnam, 80%* of the ads are for online gaming.

I’d love to say that’s a comment on their society, but – seeing the enormous sexpat community, the abundance of sexified East Asian girlies and the dreadful lack of sex (and sex-positive) education – I’d hazard a guess it has a lot more to do with government regulated internet, media and education (hello communism).

If only I could recount all the questions I’ve had from female Vietnamese friends, because – since I’m Western – it obviously means I’ve waxed every inch of my skin, am dating 10 guys at once and have done everything under the sun involving our bodacious bodies. *Insert deep eye-roll here* It really is no wonder abortions are essentially the method of birth control here.


*These stats are based entirely on my spotty recollection of having to close annoying little windows and are in no way representative of actual statistics.


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