Tea Parties & Mayhem

Last weekend was a blur.

Freddy had a positively darling “vintage” tea party on his roof. The highlight (for me at least) was Marta’s brownies, made with chickpeas instead of flour. All the goodness of gooey chocolatey brownies, but light and airy and, somehow, felt healthy. Wishful thinking, but still.

WK4  WK5

Later that evening we went to a squash tournament in which Stefan competed for title of “number one in Vietnam”. Squash is a rather intense game – made lighter with free wine/hors d’oeuvres.

After that event I went to the opening party of the very “Japanese hipster” clothing store, Mayhem. At which point some blonde Vietnamese rapper guy – Wowy – asked if I was “the one”, and proceeded to talk about Kanye……. because I’m brown. Yes, us brownies all hang in the same circles.

The next day I scored some awesome finds at a friend’s clothing swap. Clothes but also (!) art supplies, a fan I’ve decorated, a wallet, a yoga mat and, finally, meters of ribbon – with which I will adorn everything.

Upon going through my wardrobe after the clothing swap, I’ve decided Oli and I should do a cheesy Christmas card featuring some cliche Vietnamese elements. Look forward to that.

Oh! How could I forget, Ruben has very generously given me a hat that was too big for him (my enormous head comes in handy once in a while), and I am now entirely enthralled. Yes, I have taken many a selfie with the hat.


Last, but not least, on Dana’s birthday we ended up in Racha Room, a new bar/restaurant where, upon being the last ones in the place, the managers, owners, PR people, goodness knows who (because they were rather vague), gave us free shots (of complete amazingness) and had a wee chat with us; the usual banter. Was an excellent time and was tempted to give them my business card (finally found a use!), but decided not to in the end. Now regretting that decision. Mais, pas de problem, it’s a close-knit city.

I’m not sure I’ve had drinks this good in.. anywhere I’ve been. More Racha Room and more from bartender Greg.

WK2  WK3


2 thoughts on “Tea Parties & Mayhem

  1. Time for a good visit to via Eden…I thoroughly enjoyed this post Kendra. You’re right…I’m positive wine and hors doerves make for a lighter game of squash. Mmm…

    Oh and the O factor posts! So humorous lol…

    P.s. I’m moving to live closer to your mum! All looks well… Virtual visit again soon!



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