I am Yellow Bamboo

Or Hoang Truc.
«pronounced hwang joup»

Taking a street-side photo for AsiaLIFE this month, waiting for a bright blue truck to move out of my frame, we whiled away the time at a local coffee shop, consuming iced drinks and chatting with the locals. When I say “chatting”, I mean, of course, that Dana was chatting as she has the gift of the Vietnamese gab.

Eventually the three mild mannered, middle-aged men got around to asking what our names were. Of course ‘Kendra’ is far from simple for the Vietnamese to pronounce – lack of consecutive consonants in the language. It usually reduces to ‘Kenza’ – of which I have become rather fond.

They decided I need a Vietnamese name and proceeded to list some of the names I’ve heard 10 times a day here: Phuong, Hoa, Huong, etc. Then they decided I should have a flower-related name.. ugh. Eventually we settled on ‘Hoang Truc’ – if only because it was as far from a flower as I could get AND it has the word ‘yellow’, which everyone knows is my favourite colour.

Henceforth, you may call me Hoang Truc, Kenza or Yellow Bamboo.

In other news, Oli and I have had make-overs:

Charlie the trucker, lost in the moment

 Gustave and crazy eyes (Orange is the New Black)

 Also, finally got some lotus flowers. Lurvely, though they died the next day. Lame.




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