Andrew Bolton

Today I discovered a man I should have known years ago.

Andrew Bolton – current head curator of the Met’s Costume Institute, and co-creator of the renowned exhibitions Savage Beauty (2011) and China: Through the Looking Glass (2015).

Such a calm and meticulous individual, able to illustrate and combine complex and competing ideas with grace. To hear these people speak, you realise the ridiculous amount of knowledge they have – not only on fashion but also on the related historical and political arenas that surround fashion. Makes it all so much more interesting.

I want to follow him around and become best friends, but I get the feeling the former would have an adverse effect on the latter.

Discovered Bolton in the documentary The First Monday in May. Great snippets of the exhibit, and, more importantly, how it all came together. An immense – and surely exhilarating – amount of work.


Places I Should Have Been

Het Noordbrabrants Museum, this month past:

Heaven and Hell Meet in Hieronymus’ Hometown

Bosch captures—perhaps more than any other artist—the mutable world, life driven relentlessly by sex and death, and consciousness caught between imagination and the brutish facts of the flesh.

Ever-obsessed with his Garden of Earthly Delights, to see so much of his work all in one place.. ugh. The things I’ve missed.

Chinese Brushwork

I’m taking a weekly brushwork class run by a lovely Canadian/honorary British girl. So simple, but so much practice necessary. Oi.

Hopefully I’ll look back on this post, and think, Jesus H Christ, how did I think these were anything but a mess? (At the moment I am, in fact, happy with most of them.)

The Others

Third Edition launch of Saigon Artbook – one of many projects «The Others» currently produces.

Always love the work in this vaguely free book; they only produce 600 copies each time, and you only get a copy if you register for the event (tickets get booked up in minutes since they’re free).

Not sure what the first and second edition launch parties were like, but in this instance they were able to use some space in what seemed like an abandoned flat in a dark alley. In actuality it’s a large, oddly triangular empty room, small side room, and rooftop access. They renovated the entire thing only days before the show; new shiny red windows, splash of paint on the walls, creatively mounted pieces, a set of bathrooms built in an afternoon – kind of amazing, kind of worrisome – and of course rooftop walls elaborately decorated with artists’ work.

In other news, I’m heading to Sapa to hike up this mountain tomorrow. Wish me luck.. in that I don’t die or slip off the side of it. Ugh, this is going to be an entirely embarrassing trip – considering the last time I tried to walk up a gentle slope I was entirely winded in about 3 minutes.