Apples & Pirates, Camus & Crepes

Spent my Thursday evening with a mellow crowd, enjoying what may not have been, but what my memory tells me was, the inside of a cozy candlelit ship.


Okay, not a ship. La Crêperie – cute little restaurant in the Japanese area of town – has a nautical theme consisting of  the usual decor but also sports the frame of a navy blue boat suspended upside down above you. Plus, sitting around sipping golden liquors helps to imbue the boats-oceans-sails-french theme.

La Crêperie put on a tasting of new “spirits” that were recently introduced in Saigon – with the added bonus of new crepe recipes using the alcohol. Got to try a number of actually gorgeous drinks.

Ungava Gin (from Canada, my home and native land, no less), coupled with: tonic, lime, ice. What else do you need? Made from the usual suspects, but infused with a few interesting northern Quebec herbs (collected by the Inuits, how lush) that turn the liquid bright yellow.

Calvados Berneroy (made from apples, oh my), coupled with: 1. Pork and apple crepes with a caramel, apple and calvados dip. 2. Creamy seafood crepe (scallops, bacon, mushrooms, calvados cream and who knows what other goodness).

Camus Cognac Ile de Ré (simply sublime, where do I get more?), coupled with: a caramelised apple crepe and apple sorbet (special from Bellany Ice Cream). I’m still stuck on that cognac..


New fact of the week: La Crêperie, going with the traditions of Brittany, makes all (?) of its crepes using buckwheat flour, so, they come out a cinnamon brown colour.