..baked with rosemary and garlic is an exceptional combination.
[Saffron – of the Ciao Bello/Portofino chain]


This drink however should never enter your mouth. Like drinking salt water, chilli and bitters. Though, with a name like “Dirty Doble” (is that a spelling mistake?) I’m not surprised. [Xu Bar]



The strength of your mettle.

Or, more aptly, metal.

Or, even more aptly, the toughness of your meat and the fact spoons are used as knives here.


Oli: unimpressed
Myself: highly entertained

She Sells Seashells the roadside.

Had a wee evening out with some lovely VN colleagues last night. Intriguing food, good banter; all Tet-talk, boy-talk, food-talk.

Three venues, all very different.

  • Shell.. creatures
  • Perfect hangover breakfast food
  • Decadent coffee-frappucino-ness

I can see why the Vietnamese go home so early and don’t necessarily go out drinking all the time – what are you meant to do with your bike??? Gotta drive everywhere, so lots of drinking isn’t really conducive to.. being alive.


I seem to have forgotten to consider the consequences of combining peas, soup and chopsticks. Although easy to do, it is incredibly frustrating to have one pea at a time. Yes, I could’ve just used a spoon. Also, this looks mingin.


All said and done, noodles, peas, candied ginger dessert, a little Fiona ApplePaolo Nutini and, later, «Her» are a nice mellow way to begin a calm weekend ..where I don’t have to go into work.

Grade A Goodness

Overall, ridiculously good evening.

  • Payed extra for work I forgot I’d done months ago.
  • Lift into town from a colleague that I always want to hug.
  • Intriguing and lovely messages from friends who could become incredibly close.
  • A meeting (over half-priced wine) filled with ridiculous potential regarding work surrounding information campaigns about children in vulnerable situations.
  • Hilarious dinner conversations and delicious pasta, ending with the waiter having to choose whom to give the last flowered bracelet in the restaurant – and not blinking an eye when he circled the table to pass it to me. Oo la.
  • Xe om home with a driver who lost his slipper in the middle of the road and had to drive back to get it. Ha.

Serata brillante. Grazie Saigon. Ciao Bella.


Today I learned

When looking for shoes, just check sizes on the ones that are displayed, because chances are nothing larger exists.

In other news, dinner:


So good.

Included: slices of pork, dumplings with some kind of meat (likely pork), scallion, dried shrimp, mr noodle type noodles, lightly spiced broth, some kind of leafy veg, crispy crunchy disc of something with a shrimp baked on top.