Andrew Bolton

Today I discovered a man I should have known years ago.

Andrew Bolton – current head curator of the Met’s Costume Institute, and co-creator of the renowned exhibitions Savage Beauty (2011) and China: Through the Looking Glass (2015).

Such a calm and meticulous individual, able to illustrate and combine complex and competing ideas with grace. To hear these people speak, you realise the ridiculous amount of knowledge they have – not only on fashion but also on the related historical and political arenas that surround fashion. Makes it all so much more interesting.

I want to follow him around and become best friends, but I get the feeling the former would have an adverse effect on the latter.

Discovered Bolton in the documentary The First Monday in May. Great snippets of the exhibit, and, more importantly, how it all came together. An immense – and surely exhilarating – amount of work.


Ao Dai

For those who haven’t heard my complaints yet, I’ve recently been made to wear an Ao Dai to a work event. So, as one does in Vietnam, I had one made for me (by a colleague’s very generous wife). In the end, it wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as everyone said it would be. That aside, I defo do not have the slight Asian figure necessary to pull it off – it was lovely to see all the other girls dressed up though!


Of course there was an event after the event, during which I changed into something less high-waisted/transparent/easy to trip over/easy to ruin (yep, I’ve already spilt red wine on my silk Ao Dai). Anyway, these are a few work people.. yo.


(Photos by CP’s Pierre)