“Life is what you make it.”

Great stop-motion short on passion, purpose and our fleeting lives, from Zealous Creative.

Andrew Bolton

Today I discovered a man I should have known years ago.

Andrew Bolton – current head curator of the Met’s Costume Institute, and co-creator of the renowned exhibitions Savage Beauty (2011) and China: Through the Looking Glass (2015).

Such a calm and meticulous individual, able to illustrate and combine complex and competing ideas with grace. To hear these people speak, you realise the ridiculous amount of knowledge they have – not only on fashion but also on the related historical and political arenas that surround fashion. Makes it all so much more interesting.

I want to follow him around and become best friends, but I get the feeling the former would have an adverse effect on the latter.

Discovered Bolton in the documentary The First Monday in May. Great snippets of the exhibit, and, more importantly, how it all came together. An immense – and surely exhilarating – amount of work.


A Night With Hagar

Drinks, canapés and a screening of «The Whistle Blower», put on by Hagar, an NGO involved in the rehabilitation and support of women who’ve been trafficked or suffered domestic violence.

Poor execution, but excellent topic and, ultimately, a harrowing film with the lovely Rachel Weisz and Monica Bellucci. That said, I was definitely not a fan of the incredible male prejudice.

Interesting people at this event, but predominantly rich middle aged expats. Makes sense considering it took place way out in, what must be, the suburbs.

Overall though, so refreshing to hear about something that benefits real live human beings – as opposed to listening to all the ways my company wants to make more money.

With half of myself feeling too shy to target one specific person (whom I hadn’t met by the end of the night) and the other half of me blatantly not wanting to ruin the night by talking about sales, I made the concise decision not to do the last minute PR I was offhandedly assigned. I stand by that decision.