Legitimate Human Being

All-Bran + chopped dates = surprisingly good.

I don’t know what’s in New Zealand milk but it gives everything a hint of toffee. (Maybe I’m just having a lengthy stroke.)

Side note, I’m a legitimate human being again: new phone number, new bank account, new temporary job. Now all I need is a house, a garden and a cat. Maybe a chef. And a bartender. And an orchard. And the house needs to be on a cold, but sunny, cliff by the sea with a rough path leading you through shoulder-high plants towards a desolate and temperamental beach. Where is that?


Began work with AsiaLIFE magazine in October and have been a part of many, thoroughly entertaining, random happenings. To see proper, full fledged documentation of these happenings, definitely take a peak at our ever-growing collection of Instagram photos.

Today I have

Broken a machine at the gym while trying to get back to 60kg. Does not bode well.


Bought some new plants and desperately tried to revive my lovely green grocery store purchase that has been withering for the past two days. It hasn’t perked up yet – even with a much larger pot, new soil, water and indirect sunlight all day. May be at the point of no return. On the upside, the woman I visited today is selling large blooming orchids for 50K VND.. i.e., about $2.50CAD!


Saw what must be a 12 year old boy singing about a broken relationship. Song title: “Unfriend” ….*deep eye roll*. On the upside that pushed me out of the apartment for a $5 pedicure at the mall next door.

20140716-212825-77305760.jpg  20140716-212823-77303314.jpg

Attempted a chocolate rum cake. Turned out lovely in the end. But with a cup of butter gone, at 90K VND per bar, can’t be so frivolous with it too often. Probably a good thing or more gym equipment will start magically falling apart.


And had a most inspiring dinner of canned corn. Rock and roll.



Amusing that this food delivery website has gone “Offline” for the day for the Lunar New Year. Imagine if all websites did that for significant holidays? We’d actually have to speak to each other. Urgh.


The mobile app doesn’t say closed but all the restaurants are closed, so makes sense for the site to be offline I suppose.


Also amusing, the app’s loading screen.

She Sells Seashells

..by the roadside.

Had a wee evening out with some lovely VN colleagues last night. Intriguing food, good banter; all Tet-talk, boy-talk, food-talk.

Three venues, all very different.

  • Shell.. creatures
  • Perfect hangover breakfast food
  • Decadent coffee-frappucino-ness

I can see why the Vietnamese go home so early and don’t necessarily go out drinking all the time – what are you meant to do with your bike??? Gotta drive everywhere, so lots of drinking isn’t really conducive to.. being alive.

Apples & Pirates, Camus & Crepes

Spent my Thursday evening with a mellow crowd, enjoying what may not have been, but what my memory tells me was, the inside of a cozy candlelit ship.


Okay, not a ship. La Crêperie – cute little restaurant in the Japanese area of town – has a nautical theme consisting of  the usual decor but also sports the frame of a navy blue boat suspended upside down above you. Plus, sitting around sipping golden liquors helps to imbue the boats-oceans-sails-french theme.

La Crêperie put on a tasting of new “spirits” that were recently introduced in Saigon – with the added bonus of new crepe recipes using the alcohol. Got to try a number of actually gorgeous drinks.

Ungava Gin (from Canada, my home and native land, no less), coupled with: tonic, lime, ice. What else do you need? Made from the usual suspects, but infused with a few interesting northern Quebec herbs (collected by the Inuits, how lush) that turn the liquid bright yellow.

Calvados Berneroy (made from apples, oh my), coupled with: 1. Pork and apple crepes with a caramel, apple and calvados dip. 2. Creamy seafood crepe (scallops, bacon, mushrooms, calvados cream and who knows what other goodness).

Camus Cognac Ile de Ré (simply sublime, where do I get more?), coupled with: a caramelised apple crepe and apple sorbet (special from Bellany Ice Cream). I’m still stuck on that cognac..


New fact of the week: La Crêperie, going with the traditions of Brittany, makes all (?) of its crepes using buckwheat flour, so, they come out a cinnamon brown colour.


I seem to have forgotten to consider the consequences of combining peas, soup and chopsticks. Although easy to do, it is incredibly frustrating to have one pea at a time. Yes, I could’ve just used a spoon. Also, this looks mingin.


All said and done, noodles, peas, candied ginger dessert, a little Fiona ApplePaolo Nutini and, later, «Her» are a nice mellow way to begin a calm weekend ..where I don’t have to go into work.



Dessert that tastes as odd as it looks. With coconut milk, simple syrup, ginger and sesame seeds, it has good flavours. However, it also has terrible squishy textures, from what I assume is rice mashed into a paste. Plus, the large ball that you can see in this photo had a bean paste inside that still had chunks of whole beans mixed in. Blurgh.



Coffee delivered to the office; sublime – the service, not the taste, this shop’s coffee was just too buttery. But I’m in love with what I’m sure is a 6000 calorie iced Vietnamese coffee – strong coffee topped with condensed milk and tons of ice cubes. Dessert and coffee and refresher all in one go.



Dinner at a small side-of-the-road barbecue with lots of lovely sauces, condiments, vegetables, chicken. Slightly confused when my colleagues’ bones were disappearing. “Where are you putting your bones?” “On the ground. Don’t you know this? It’s not like you’ve only been here for 3 days.” Ha, should’ve guessed.


Later that evening we went to Tram Chim, a bar/restaurant where the girls are all tall and ..well-endowed; they stand by your table, lapping up your chat and doting on your every whim.

I was the only girl there. Got a few dirty looks and a wee nudge every now and then. But very intriguing concept; I’m not sure what the males get from the arrangement.. besides the joy of flirting perhaps.