In Your Mouth

I’ve discovered the new very-best-drink-ever-in-the-whole-entire-world:

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at The Racha Room

It tastes like pie. And not even a cheap apple or lemon meringue pie, but something with layers of complex flavour and texture and how, oh how, do they do it!? All I can guess is that the bartender is a gift from god and a genius among peasants. Peasants, all of you.

Okay, I exaggerate; there’s a spectrum of best drinks. This is definitely not the best drink to quench your thirst, nor the best drink to “get wasted” on. It’s just the best thing to put in your mouth.

Ingredients I can remember:

  • nutmeg
  • egg whites
  • a lime
  • waiter said orange juice, but I couldn’t taste it
  • some kind of alcohol

Ingredients listed on their Facebook page:

  • frangelico
  • galliano
  • caramel
  • sugar
  • lemon

I will be thoroughly disappointed if it isn’t still on the menu when I visit again.

Maids after Hours

Novotel’s half price happy hour – well kept secret.

Pizza 4P’s brilliant food, wine, sake – not so well kept secret.

Maid Cafe’s awkward, uniformed, cat-eared girls and overpriced drinks – a secret best kept secret.