All Yellow

Some creative work by fellow Canadian, Fred Wissink. Makeup and styling by Natalya Smolenskaya.

Feathers and satin and lace for days.


These People

Hamid Sardar-Afkhami. This man’s photography is the stuff of fantasy. It’s in his subject matter as much as his photography ability.

However, I’m feeling a sort of wariness descend as a few of his shots seem as though they’ve been photoshopped. It isn’t even the fact they might be photoshopped, it’s that

  1. the subject matter is so beautiful, they don’t need to be made more surreal
  2. and whether they’ve been photoshopped or just oddly photographed, some of them look quite tacky. Case and point:




Began work with AsiaLIFE magazine in October and have been a part of many, thoroughly entertaining, random happenings. To see proper, full fledged documentation of these happenings, definitely take a peak at our ever-growing collection of Instagram photos.

«Yêu là yêu»

«Love is Love» Beautiful scenes documented in a photography project by Maika Elan. She captures those commonplace, intimate moments in the daily lives of couples in Hanoi, HCMC and various provinces. Amazingly, her photos all have a similar style, and yet are so different from each other because she takes such care in focusing on the couples’ personalities.

Ben Ben Ben

I am slightly in love with Ben Zank – and have been ever since I first stumbled upon his work via some chain of links that I can’t even remember now.


I get lost every time. Something so appealing in the subtly surreal.

Definitely liking this trend I’m seeing where people are more often creating surreal pieces without Photoshop, etc.

I may have already posted about Ben in fact, but this article reminded me he deserves more posts. All the posts.