Rum, Rice Wine & Moonshine

In the name of research, we visited a few “rice wine” bars a few days ago.


Of many legitimate establishments offering alcohol, this place was just a street-side grouping of tables and chairs.

Upon arrival two bottles of what were meant to be rum were sat in front of us. Thankfully they were neither strong, nor expensive.. nor rum for that matter. Some moonshine-type thing I suppose. We are all still alive and well, so it was obviously fine for consumption. Pretty boring story actually..

Apples & Pirates, Camus & Crepes

Spent my Thursday evening with a mellow crowd, enjoying what may not have been, but what my memory tells me was, the inside of a cozy candlelit ship.


Okay, not a ship. La Crêperie – cute little restaurant in the Japanese area of town – has a nautical theme consisting of  the usual decor but also sports the frame of a navy blue boat suspended upside down above you. Plus, sitting around sipping golden liquors helps to imbue the boats-oceans-sails-french theme.

La Crêperie put on a tasting of new “spirits” that were recently introduced in Saigon – with the added bonus of new crepe recipes using the alcohol. Got to try a number of actually gorgeous drinks.

Ungava Gin (from Canada, my home and native land, no less), coupled with: tonic, lime, ice. What else do you need? Made from the usual suspects, but infused with a few interesting northern Quebec herbs (collected by the Inuits, how lush) that turn the liquid bright yellow.

Calvados Berneroy (made from apples, oh my), coupled with: 1. Pork and apple crepes with a caramel, apple and calvados dip. 2. Creamy seafood crepe (scallops, bacon, mushrooms, calvados cream and who knows what other goodness).

Camus Cognac Ile de Ré (simply sublime, where do I get more?), coupled with: a caramelised apple crepe and apple sorbet (special from Bellany Ice Cream). I’m still stuck on that cognac..


New fact of the week: La Crêperie, going with the traditions of Brittany, makes all (?) of its crepes using buckwheat flour, so, they come out a cinnamon brown colour.