Spent my night in a printing house (that apparently used to belong to the army), adjusting the colour of a “gold” that, to the average customer, will all look the same anyway.


You get used to the fumes and the noise after a while, but I worry for these guys’ health..

That said, was very cool to see the plates, and to see C, M, Y and K all in their separate vats.




Have just had my designer get me a coffee from the smoothie place downstairs.

He came back up empty-handed, “It’ll be here in a few minutes.”

Shortly after, this contraption arrived.


That’s a drip-coffee thinger dripping gloriously strong espresso-like coffee into a shot glass of condensed milk, sitting in a cup of hot water.. Presumably to keep the coffee warm while it’s filling up.

Quite decadent. Almost tastes like I’m drinking melted chocolate.

Hangover cure, wayooo. (All you can drink wine, beer and snacks for $10USD? Yes please – though ended up being a very expensive night at about $20USD total – my perspective of money has gotten even worse; I find myself getting annoyed if a meal costs more than $5USD.. it’s outrageous.)


Until I find a house* to share with a few people, I’m renting a room in a Vietnamese family’s house*, for a month or so – as is common practice.

*A house seems to refer to a sliver of an apartment building with 2 rooms/ensuite bathrooms on each floor (maybe 4 floors total), a communal kitchen on the ground floor and, in the case of a Vietnamese family, there’s often a small shop they run at the front door to the house/apartment – the one I’m in has small tables and chairs set up out front and seems to sell juice/coffee/etc. (As small as these buildings look, the rooms are oddly spacious inside.)



Dessert that tastes as odd as it looks. With coconut milk, simple syrup, ginger and sesame seeds, it has good flavours. However, it also has terrible squishy textures, from what I assume is rice mashed into a paste. Plus, the large ball that you can see in this photo had a bean paste inside that still had chunks of whole beans mixed in. Blurgh.



Coffee delivered to the office; sublime – the service, not the taste, this shop’s coffee was just too buttery. But I’m in love with what I’m sure is a 6000 calorie iced Vietnamese coffee – strong coffee topped with condensed milk and tons of ice cubes. Dessert and coffee and refresher all in one go.



Dinner at a small side-of-the-road barbecue with lots of lovely sauces, condiments, vegetables, chicken. Slightly confused when my colleagues’ bones were disappearing. “Where are you putting your bones?” “On the ground. Don’t you know this? It’s not like you’ve only been here for 3 days.” Ha, should’ve guessed.


Later that evening we went to Tram Chim, a bar/restaurant where the girls are all tall and ..well-endowed; they stand by your table, lapping up your chat and doting on your every whim.

I was the only girl there. Got a few dirty looks and a wee nudge every now and then. But very intriguing concept; I’m not sure what the males get from the arrangement.. besides the joy of flirting perhaps.

These Lights

A few days ago I had my first experience having to cross the street on my own – and of course it was during heavy rush hour traffic. That said, there were two other girls crossing at the same time, and it was at proper stop lights so not *real* crossing. Was exciting nonetheless, because stop lights are more of a guide than a rule..


Great time lapse, but makes the city seem more metropolitan than it is.

Love this girl I caught in a bit of video I shot.


Happy Hotel


I feel a bit star-struck.

By what, I’m not quite sure. Maybe just being in a job again and not having time to get absorbed in ( any social media. Forget the fact I’m half way across the world.

Also, it’s 3.30am, I can’t get back to sleep and I’ve just discovered, staring back at me from my window, the “Happy Hotel” featuring “massages”. Ironically, the place in which I’m currently staying is the “Family Inn”.