You have not shelled garlic until you’ve shelled Vietnamese garlic.

Slivers. All slivers. They look larger in this photo than they were. By the time I finished peeling them everything else in my soup was already cooked. There must be a better way – or people must just not shell them at all.

In other news Jaclyn and I finally made it to Fanny’s to use our ice cream vouchers. So good. And apparently there’s an ice cream buffet.

Ice cream.


There is nothing to be said about that besides why haven’t we been yet.



I seem to have forgotten to consider the consequences of combining peas, soup and chopsticks. Although easy to do, it is incredibly frustrating to have one pea at a time. Yes, I could’ve just used a spoon. Also, this looks mingin.


All said and done, noodles, peas, candied ginger dessert, a little Fiona ApplePaolo Nutini and, later, «Her» are a nice mellow way to begin a calm weekend ..where I don’t have to go into work.

Today I learned

When looking for shoes, just check sizes on the ones that are displayed, because chances are nothing larger exists.

In other news, dinner:


So good.

Included: slices of pork, dumplings with some kind of meat (likely pork), scallion, dried shrimp, mr noodle type noodles, lightly spiced broth, some kind of leafy veg, crispy crunchy disc of something with a shrimp baked on top.