A Force to Heal Grief

Laying in bed, watching a clip about a Japanese artist who uses salt as his medium (and as a force to heal his grief), and suddenly the wee grasshopper I’d sussed out earlier jumps on my head and onto my laptop.

Silly. I forgot all bugs seem to think my laptop is that special organic glow they’ve been searching for all their life.

Stayed in the same spot for ages, grooming himself and such. Kind of looks like he’s eating his skin. No idea what’s going on really, and that’s exactly when I could’ve used a zoom on my camera – that said, I didn’t even use my camera for this, just the iPhone 5S.

Music: Yann Tiersen – Lara’s Castle

Eventually I got rid of him.. and hoped he survived the three-story distance to the ground from my apartment. I assume they can fly. ..Right? Right.


[Canadians, get with the program. Apparently Yann Tiersen music on YouTube is blocked in Canada. I’ll just have to email you the video. Go buy some Yann Tiersen. He is great.]


If You’re Happy

Love this. The Vietnamese version of «Happy»

Where do I find these random street performances in real life? Plus a well-edited vid always makes things better. (Apparently the beginning of the video is referencing some other VN video where a girl basically undresses as she walks down the street..)

Sidenote, went to an introductory swing dancing class with Jacklyn and Karen last night. Crazy awkward, but also kind of fun. So maybe we’ll join a 5 week class.. erm. Maybe. Anything to add to our attempt to get fit before climbing Fansipan. Oi.

These Lights

A few days ago I had my first experience having to cross the street on my own – and of course it was during heavy rush hour traffic. That said, there were two other girls crossing at the same time, and it was at proper stop lights so not *real* crossing. Was exciting nonetheless, because stop lights are more of a guide than a rule..


Great time lapse, but makes the city seem more metropolitan than it is.

Love this girl I caught in a bit of video I shot.